Friday, September 11, 2009

Evolution vs. Creationism

(Originally posted on 2007.09.24)

It seems to me that "Creationists" are missing an intellectual opportunity.
First, let me state that I don't believe in what is currently cast as "Creationism". Having been raised with zero religious training, no organized/formal religion appeals to me, nor does any of them make much sense to me. And since many religions don't believe in any diety, and some believe in multiple dieties, "Creationism" as it is cast these days, appears to be confined to primarily Judeo/Christian religions.

Nevertheless, let's posit for the moment that there is one omnipotent, all-knowing God. God didn't need to "create" everything just as we see it around us today (or as we saw it 6,000 years ago, or whatever). Perhaps evolution is actually how God intended to create what is around us now. That is, if God knows all, then he could predict that if he created a Universe with certain physical laws, then planets and stars would "evolve". And by providing the appropriate elements (most notably carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen) that life would eventually arise and evolve according to the nature of the elements that were provided.

This seems to me like a reasonable "blend" of the two sides of the argument.

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